Note from MyCityRocks to our friends regarding COVID-19 - the coronavirus.
COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic, and it poses real risks to those who are elderly, have respiratory health issues, or who have compromised immune systems. Your health, and the health of your friends, colleagues, and family, are of primary importance. If you show symptoms consistent with this disease, please self-quarantine and do not go out among other people. Please call your doctor to see if you can get tested as soon as feasible.
Many events have been cancelled or postponed. Many thousands of events have been affected, and we are doing our best to keep the listings in our ticket exchange as current and up to date as possible. Additional cancellations will surely be announced.
If you have a question regarding an event for which you have tickets, check the web site, Facebook page, or Twitter feed of the venue, performer or team for the latest information on whether or not events are taking place. If you try calling them or emailing them, odds are that their phone lines and emailboxes will be overwhelmed.
If an event you have tickets for is postponed or cancelled, contact whomever sold you the tickets directly for information on rescheduled dates and/or refund policies. Realize that they may be overwhelmed right now and be patient.
Realize that the lives, and the livelihoods, of those who work in the live performance, travel, entertainment, and dining industries have been dramatically affected by this situation and that these people will incur significant financial hardship. Many of these people are employees, performers, or small business owners who will lose much of their income during the duration of this crisis. Please do what you can to be understanding and help support such companies and individuals as it is prudent to do so.
We will get through this, together.
Your friends at MyCityRocks.